Facebook is bringing a screen sharing feature to Messenger

Facebook is bringing a screen sharing feature to Messenger

Facebook through its messenger will be rolling out a new feature called screen sharing feature.

The feature will let the user share the information on their screen if the other user permits them to.

Messenger by Facebook has been getting lots of features after Facebook stopped its users from chatting with one another on the Facebook app.

The information was shared by a beta user on Twitter.

Since Facebook stopped allowing its users to converse with each other through its Facebook Mobile app, Facebook has been working so hard on making its users stick to Messenger without complaint.

The Messenger Screen sharing feature is not like TeamViewer where both users can control what’s on their screen, the screen operation is only limited to one user.

The release of screen sharing on Messenger will enable only one user to control the screen while the other watches.

There is no available button for the Messenger screen sharing on the chat screen, it can only be seen when the user makes a voice/video call, then the screen sharing appears.

The Facebook screen sharing feature is still in beta mode and awaiting release to the public.

What do you think about this new feature, do you think it’s needed or do you think it’s going to violate privacy.?

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