Google Calendar empowers you to sync your calendar to your computer, tablet, phone, or other smart devices. This enables you to receive alerts wherever you are, with whatever tool you’re carrying, so you’ll never miss an impending event.

Streamline Your Workflow

Google Calendar follows the same principles. It has an extremely user-friendly interface. Anyone, regardless of age or experience with technology, can easily navigate through it.

User-Friendly Interface

Each department can have its own calendar which allows others to share what they have going on throughout the week and invite others into a particular event.

Collaborate With Others

Google Calendar connects seamlessly with Google Meet or Hangouts. These are virtual meetings you can execute directly through Google.

Schedule Google Hangouts or Meet

You can keep the two linked via Google Calendar. Go into your Facebook event page and export the link for your event. Then you may import it directly into your calendar so it shows up everywhere you need it to be.

Make Use of Facebook Events

Since Google Calendar is a product of the larger company known as Alphabet, that means you possess the capability to integrate your Gmail account(s). Any time a new event is sent via email, such as an upcoming flight or concert, Google Calendar will automatically populate an event for you to add to your schedule.

Integrate Smoothly with Gmail

Habits don’t become habits simply through willpower. They require repetition. If you use Google Calendar, you can learn how to prioritize what’s important by scheduling times of day to study, or to finish homework, even to take structured breaks from social media.

Turn Studying Into a Habit