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Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online

Designing a logo can be a very complicated task, it requires to be very clear about the concept of the brand that we want to transmit in order to capture it in a single image. Once this work has been done, we must materialize it in the form of a logo, for which I have selected 10 creative logo tools that will help you design the perfect image for your brand or company.

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online

The first step to launch a brand is to create your corporate image, for this, it is essential to design a logo that transmits perfectly the values with which we want to associate our brand. It may seem like a simple task but it is not, it requires spending enough time to establish an effective and coherent image.

What is a corporate image?

The corporate image of a company is the introduction letter. It is the first impression that a client or user will have regarding a company or brand. Therefore, it is very important that this image is the closest to what we want to convey. Before preparing it, you should ask yourself some questions.

1# What are the values of your brand?

Elegance, style, class, simplicity, … depending on what your values are, you will need to make your brand image focus on one way or another. The main objective of creating a good logo is the differentiation, a very serious error would be that the public confused your brand with another similar or the same sector.

2# In which sector is your brand framed?

It is not, for example, the same to have a presence in the marketing sector as in the beauty sector. Each one has its characteristics and, therefore, we will have to adapt this image to what the user expects from us.

3# Who is my ideal client?

It is one of the great questions, we must ask ourselves. Age, interests, status … Our logo or brand image must be totally compatible with our target audience, must inspire confidence and seriousness. Although it is not everything, a good image can open many doors.

Once we have answered these questions, we can begin to draw our logo in broad strokes.

Fundamental bases to create a good logo:

1# Simplicity:

It is proven that simple logos are better remembered and highly recognizable, for this we recommend: a) Do not use too many colors, it is best not to use more than two or three colors. b) Use simple typefaces, which are very readable. c) It is Better if the image is flat, avoid gradients, 3D and shadows.

2# Timelessness:

Normally over the years, brands adapt their logos so that they are not too old-fashioned. We must try to make these changes minimal so as not to modify the brand image already created in the retina of our customers too much.

3# Follow the latest trends in design:

Like fashion, the design also has its tendencies. Try to adapt the color palettes and typography to make it looks current. Try to avoid too flashy style because it, sure, will go out of style soon. We must look for a “wardrobe background” i.e something current but timeless.

4# Be original:

Before defining our logo, we must be sure that there is nothing similar, and especially in our sector. Sometimes, we think that we have had a great idea and we have not even copied it, but as gunpowder is usually said, it is already invented so we will have to make sure that our idea has not happened to anyone else.

5# Versatility:

We must think that the logo will be used in different formats and media, so it is essential to be able to play with it so that it fits well with all colors and can be adapted to paper, web format, etc.

5 Tips for creating your own logo:

1# Make a brainstorming

It is best to carry out this brainstorm among several people, several minds always think more than one. But first of all, I recommend that you do a visualization exercise, look for design books, on Pinterest or any source or medium that you think might inspire you. Write down on a paper all the ideas and answers to the questions about your company that we have suggested earlier in this post. Select the best ideas and check their originality.

2# Think of the color or colors that are most suitable for your logo

The Psychology of Color studies the effect that colors have on the perception of behavior. Therefore, it is important to know the meaning of the different tones and the relationship they have with the professional sectors. For example, the color red symbolizes passion, action, danger, etc. If our company is framed in the health sector, this color would not be the right one because it would shock us visually. We must select a suitable color palette, two or three colors that combine with each other. Once you establish your color or corporate colors, you must use them on your website and corporate stationery.

3# Select one or two typefaces

Nowadays, the combination of two types to create a logo is quite fashionable. I recommend that you use a simpler stick or without serifs as a base and another a little more complicated. If you opt for this option you probably do not need much more for the design of your logo. Play with the position and size of both types to create a spectacular design.

4# Find a representative icon

If, on the contrary, you prefer to use a drawing or icon that accompanies the name of your brand you can opt for a vectorized element. This image must be fully compatible with the rest of elements such as color and typography.

5# Check that your idea makes sense and is well understood

Sometimes we lose the north and we are no longer objective, When we work on an idea or concept for a long time. In this case, it is best to ask for an opinion from someone who is not related to the project. In this way, we can make sure that our idea is clear and understood.

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo online

Once you have the concept, all you have to do is put yourself to work and materialize it in a good logo. For this, we can have various options such as hire a designer, use advanced design programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop or use any of the 10 logo design creative tools that we have selected. If you do not have much experience, I recommend that you take a look at this selection and choose the program that is the easiest for you.

1# Logo Ease:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Logo Ease

Logo Ease is one of the best online design tools. To start using it, you just have to register. It has some advantages like its speed and price, totally free. It is perfect to create a logo without any previous knowledge. But we must also highlight some disadvantages as the limitation in terms of design and, especially, rights that you can not register the logo as own brand.

2# Logaster:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online

Logaster is one of the simplest online tools we can find. It allows us to design a logo simply by entering the name and type of business of our brand. The program will generate different options among which we can select those that best represent our brand.
The advantage of this program is that we do not need to have any type of knowledge in design, it will suggest a lot of different options among which we will surely find something that fits our brand. It gives us the option to combine different typography with a heap of icons. Another advantage is its price, quite affordable if we do not have too many resources. The bad thing is that our logo will always be limited to the possibilities of the program.

3# Free Logo Type:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Free Logo Type

Free Logo Type tool is perhaps one of the simplest tools. We simply have to write the name of our brand or business and in a very intuitive way, we can modify the typography and color. We can also add simple icons and place them as we want.
It is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs, small projects or bloggers that are starting. Free logo tool is also completely free. You can find a simple tutorial with which in only 5 minutes you will learn how to use the program.

4# Logo Maker:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Logo Maker

Thanks to Logo Maker because you can create a very interesting logo. Their designs are the best you can find on the web. The bad thing is that if you want to get the file with a good resolution you will have to pay. Payment is a highly recommended tool for its optimal results.

5# Online Logo Maker:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Online Logo Maker

A free tool with which you can design a logo for your brand on the spot. You only have to register to access the service. You can add text, symbols and even upload images. You will find a great variety of fonts with which you can play. It also gives you the option to share your logo on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

6# Logo Factory:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Logo Factory

Using Logo Factory, you can create your logo in just three steps. First, you must select the image that best fits your brand, then you must enter the name of your business (in this step you can choose aspects such as typography, style or size). Once we have the logo designed, we will only have to download it. It is a very intuitive program, but just in case it is not clear to you, you can use a tutorial that you will find on the web.

 7# Logo Genie:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Logo Genie

With Logo Genie, you can generate a logo in record time. You will simply have to place the name of your company or brand, a subtitle and choose one of the categories that it suggests. It’s free, so you’ll only have to register to download your designs. One of the simplest tools you can find.

8# GraphicSprings:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online

GraphicSprings Logo Creator is one of the most complete tools of the selection, you will be surprised how many combinations can be made. One of the advantages is the large number of lakes that show depending on the sector of your company. It also gives you the option to hire someone to fix your logo or create one from scratch if you do not like the result.

 9# Free Logo Services:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services is a very complete program to design logos. It has a lot of categories so you can select the one that best fits your business. In a few minutes, your logo will be available. In addition to designing your corporate image, the tool gives you the option to also create your business card and even print t-shirts and other promotional items.

10# Free Logo Design:

Top Ten Creative Tools to create a Logo Online
Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is a tool for editing logos. It is ideal for small businesses or startups. You can create very professional logos in just a few steps. It is free if you want to use your logo online, and if you decide to download it in a high-resolution file, its price will be only $ 59.

Did you like these tools? Do you know any other?

I hope you liked this post and I have solved doubts about how to make a good logo. And if you know any other tool, don’t hesitate to help me increase the list.


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