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The Best Web Browsers for Android – List Of 2021

Web browsers are currently a fundamental part of any device with an Internet connection and one of the most used applications in any operating system. Thanks to them, you can navigate through the different websites as you are doing right now, but surely not all of you are using the same browser to read these lines. For Android, there is a large number of web browsers with different functions and designs so there is something for all tastes and needs. In this article, we will expose what we believe are the best web browsers for Android currently available in Google Play Store. Don’t miss The Best Keyboards For Android – List Of 2021, Protect Your Smartphone With The Best Antivirus For Android and how to Backup Android Phone. Table of Contents

The Best Web Browsers for Android – List Of 2021

Google Chrome | The usual

Possibly Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers for Android and the most used browser by Android users because it usually comes preinstalled, but also because it is a very fast browser in addition to synchronizing open tabs and markers between different devices in the home. Another interesting function is to be able to navigate in an unknown way as well as integrate a function to save data. The one we all know and use, Chrome has always been there. A defect could be all the information that usually accumulates, which makes it a rather heavy app. Similarly, you can be aware of the cache and delete it from time to time, which will undoubtedly help you to ensure that your mobile does not complain about space.

Firefox | Option B

This browser, developed by the Mozilla Foundation, is one of the best web browsers for Android and the safest Android browsers on the market, besides being quite fast. It allows us to synchronize the data between the different devices in which we have it installed, add add-ons, guest sessions, and connections in incognito mode with protection against tracking. Undoubtedly one of the best known, Firefox is fast and easy to use. We could say that if you do not have Chrome, you have Firefox. It already reaches a point where it is a matter of taste.

Opera Browser | The original

In recent times, there have been many changes in this browser developed by Opera Software among which highlights the change from Presto engine Blink, the one used by browsers based on Chromium as the aforementioned Google Chrome and YuBrowser. This browser includes the function of saving data, blocking advertising, as well as news sections on the main page. In the Play Store, you will find different types of Opera browsers. The one we recommend is the standard, the original. We talk a little about Opera Touch. The others you can discover for yourself, and leave us below your comments about it.

Dolphin Browser | An option from always

Dolphin Browser is one of the first browsers that were available for Android and in supporting Flash Player. It is one of the best browsers: very powerful and customizable. Includes advertising blockers, support for add-ons, night mode, subjects to change their appearance or make searches with gestures.

Puffin Browser | The Browser Flash

One of the fastest browsers you can find, without a doubt, is the Puffin Browser, that’s why it’s among the best on our list. The only detail is that you must have enough RAM on your Android device to run at your best capacity. You can customize it at your leisure and enjoy its characteristic to emulate the Mouse or a Trackpad. It is one of the fastest, but you will have to endure some ads while you use it. The speed price.

Maxthon Browser | The Marathon Navigator

This browser is very well organized and its interface is quite intuitive. We emphasize that it is quite fast and that is why you should consider it as an option, in case you are already somewhat tired of conventional browsers. With the Magic Fill function, it will make it easier for you to fill in your data automatically on the websites that ask for it. With NewsBites you will have the most recent news available within a click, plus you have the option of synchronizing your history and switching between Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile mode. You can also surf incognito and have Flash support.

Apus | For slow connections

If you have a mid-range or low smartphone, Apus could, very well, be the browser for your Android you are looking for. You can experience fast navigation with a 2G connection. In addition, it weighs very little, so you should not worry about the space that occupies your mobile. You have to choose between incognito mode, night mode, mode to play, fast mode (which renders web pages faster), and even a mode without images. It supports HTML5 and you have the option to access the websites you visit the most through the shortcuts or shortcuts that Apus creates. It is one of the best browsers, because it may be just what you need for your mobile, so we highly recommend it.

Microsoft Edge | It’s not Internet Explorer

Do not be scared, this browser has been optimized and it is not even the shadow of Internet Explorer that we all ever hate. Rather, it has established itself as a solid and reliable navigator. It comes with general features, plus a reading mode that will make life easier for your eyes, a QR code reader, and a voice search option. A point in its favor is that if you use Edge on other devices such as your Laptop or Tablet, you can synchronize your data and continue browsing as if you had never left your PC. It is a reality that Chrome and Firefox are still better than Edge, but we must also admit that little by little the distance between them is reduced. So give it a chance.

Brave | Your secure connection

This is one of the browsers that cares about the safety of its users. Block ads and activity trackers that follow you relentlessly. It is based on Chromium and it should be noted that the company that created it was founded by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project and the creator of Javascript. Only that data is enough to prove it. The only thing that we should probably warn you about is that, although it blocks third-party ads, it replaces them with ads of its own. If that does not bother you, this browser is a good option if you are looking for speed and security. We refer to speed, in the strict sense of the word, because by blocking the crawlers and those annoying ads, Brave downloads much less information than your common browser with an AD blocker installed.

Chrome Beta | Put him to the test

It’s basically the same as the Chrome you already know and have used. Your positive point, it comes with the new features and improvements that are still in development. You would be one of the first to try firsthand what the Chrome developers have in hand. I personally, prefer the beta version; since it weighs much less than the Google Chrome we all know. And it takes up less storage space on the device. The time I have tried it has worked perfectly and I must tell you that I am quite satisfied with it.

Opera Touch | You only need a Hand

It is one of the best browsers for Android if your style is to use only one hand to navigate. It is designed especially for smartphones. Believe it or not, most browsers are not designed to navigate in this way. That’s why Opera Touch may be what you’re looking for. If you go to your work on the Bus or the Metro, and you need a free hand to avoid falling on a stranger who will not be very happy, this browser is for you. Keep in mind that it does not have some features that the normal Opera has, but it would be a sacrifice that would be worth it if it is really what you need to make your day-to-day more comfortable.

CM Browser | Multitasking for vampires

If you want a browser that is on a level with your ability to multitask, CM Browser is the one you should look for. It is one of the best smart browsers. Use a floating screen, instead of the full-screen mode to which we are accustomed, this helps you navigate, while you use other apps of your mobile without having to close them. As if they were in a false second plane. Your links will open in a small separate bubble until you decide to go read it. You can also open links from other applications and save them offline if you want to see them later. It also comes with night mode, a feature that not all browsers possess, and certainly, we need technology vampires.

Ecosia Browser | Take care of the Environment

This browser is the “green choice” of our list. Based on Chromium, each time you use it, you contribute to the financing of the planting of new trees. They aim to plant a billion trees by 2020, so why not help them? In addition, it is not only a simple browser for the environment, but it also has the common characteristics that we all use: bookmarks, incognito windows, downloads, among others. If you decide to do a good action, you can choose this browser.


And finally, we bring you a browser for those who care about privacy. Orfox is based on Firefox, but with some modifications for the improvement of privacy features and uses the Tor network to access the Internet. This browser needs the installation of Orbot to access the Tor web.
We hope you liked this guide. If you know of any other browser that should be on our list, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments. Also, tell us below which one you prefer and why.


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