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The Best Keyboards for Android – List of 2019

One of the most important apps for Android is their keyboards. Most of us search for the Best Keyboards for Android that suit our needs. It is possibly the application that you most use since for any type of app it is necessary. That’s why it’s so important to find an intelligent keyboard app that suits your needs. If the keyboard that comes on your device is not to your liking or if you simply want to try something different, in this article we have compiled the best Keyboards for Android of the moment from the Google Play Store. We will keep this list updated so that you always have the best Keyboards for Android that suit your needs. Don’t miss to Protect Your Smartphone With The Best Antivirus For Android and Backup Android Phone.

The Best Keyboards for Android – List of 2019

SwiftKey Keyboard | The most complete

SwiftKey is definitely one of the best keyboards for Android. It has an excellent prediction and self-correction along with the typing gesture, the synchronization cloud so that all your devices can stay updated, themes, keyboard customization, a row of numbers, and much more. It also has a higher than average language support, with more than 100 languages ​​supported. The keyboard and all its functions are free but you will have to pay for most of the themes. The keyboard was recently acquired by Microsoft, which caused many people to move away from SwiftKey, but for now, it works as usual.

Google Keyboard | With you always

Years ago, the Google keyboard built into Android was considered by many to be a little outdated, but times have changed. The Google Keyboard is completely free, supports the writing of gestures for individual words and complete sentences, an abundance of languages ​​, and a modest selection of topics. The Google Keyboard uses Google’s own text-to-speech engine, and while it may not be the best in predictive text, it learns from the data you write through Google applications and services. If your smartphone does not come with the Google keyboard, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. It is today, without a doubt, one of the best keyboards for Android.

AI Type Keyboard Plus | Your intelligent partner

Today we have smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart refrigerators, what would prevent them from taking out an intelligent keyboard? Nothing, apparently. That’s why we bring you AI Type Keyboard Plus, one of the best keyboards for Android, since it not only predicts what you’re going to write, this keyboard is YOU. It asks you permission to access your messages, so you can read them and get to know them. If there are phrases that you always use when writing, words that abbreviate, or letters that you use frequently (to express yourself without writing the complete word “k”, “q”, “np”, etc) this keyboard will know it. It also comes with over a thousand themes to add to your personalization. The free version is a test that lasts 18 days and then you have to buy the premium version that costs € 3.99 or lose some features. Likewise, it is one of the few keyboards that come with a row of numbers. The design is not the latest fashion on keyboards, it’s something great for our liking, although it would work for someone with big thumbs. It is up to you if you decide to invest in this experience or not.

Fleksy Keyboard | Pure speed

The Fleksy keyboard was used to set the world record for the fastest text messages twice, so if fast response times and speed customization are your thing, this is the keyboard you should use. It is also free and does not come with any annoying adware. Instead of swiping or drawing the letters, you will play as before, and use gestures to eliminate words or select self-correcting options. You can shrink or grow the keyboard for your needs, as well as change colors and design. Fleksy’s privacy policy is also robust and clearly outlines the information that the keyboard can see. It even allows you to disable any program that you find uncomfortable.

Chrooma Keyboard | Colors and more colors

Chrooma is one of the best keyboards for Android and it is definitely one of the most customizable. That said, you’ll have to pay for individual purchases in the app or opt for a one-time fee of € 2.49 if you want to unlock all options. If you decide to pay for these features or you just want to synchronize your preferences between devices, you must log in with a Google account. Even if you do not want to pay, Chrooma is still quite customizable and offers a wide range of features that make it a good all-rounder. For example, you can enter letters individually or use the scroll input without having to change any settings and the predictions of the words are quite solid, although they are not always perfect. It also has support for emojis and a simple night mode.

Minuum Keyboard | Small and powerful

Minuum is a bit different from others in this list since it uses a swiping method in conjunction with a predictive word engine. How it does is by reducing the qwerty of the multi-line in just two lines of characters, which is where the intelligent predictions come from. This means that you do not need to touch on each letter to create a word. Of course, you can use Minuum in its non-minimized mode as well. Here you will get the keyboard and the complete numbers, but the main thrust of the keyboard is that small row of minimized keys. You can also access different emojis from expanded and minimized keyboard modes and switching between modes is as easy as dragging the keyboard up or down. It may seem an unnatural way to use a keyboard, but when you try it you will almost certainly write faster. Otherwise, you can always use classic mode. Offers support for a variety of languages ​​and the ability to change the keyboard theme.

GO Keyboard | Personalize until you get tired

If you are someone who enjoys a lot of personalization – and we want to say a LOT – then Go Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for Android you can choose from. It offers thousands of custom themes, allowing you to show your favorite sports teams, school colors, or just choose something that suits your style. Along with the typing experience and the themes, you also have access to emojis and other fun extras. Just keep in mind that the Go keyboard has a good amount of ads, including some that appear on the top of the keyboard, something that is not so cool.

Multiling O Keyboard | Bonjour, Hello, Güten Tag

Multiling O Keyboard is the best option if you need a single keyboard for several languages. In fact, this keyboard application supports more than 200 languages ​​at the time of writing this article.

In addition to the superior language support, it has the writing with gestures, the possibility of configuring a PC-style keyboard design, the resizing and repositioning of the keyboard, themes, emoji, various designs, and the numerous row of numbers. It is an underestimated application, especially if you speak several languages. And the best: it’s totally free.

Touchpal | Extra Things

If you like to have everything in one place, this keyboard could be for you. Its appeal is all the features that come with your download. Which are probably more than a regular keyboard needs, but it’s fun if you like this kind of stuff. In addition to the normal functions such as text prediction, themes, being able to customize the keyboard, among others; Touchpal adds emojis, GIF recommendations, and even a feature that suggests words in the letters you are using, as you type. It also has news, games and more. You will only have to discover it yourself. The only drawback is advertising: a small advertising banner on the top of the keyboard. If you want to get rid of it, you can, only for a small fee, as is normal.

Tenor | The keyboard of the GIFs

If you are looking for a keyboard that is out of the ordinary, that is fun and enjoyable, we recommend Tenor. It is not exactly a keyboard, but a function that merges with the one you already have in use, and allows you to search the GIFs you want at a speed thousand times better than WhatsApp if you know what I mean. You can use it in conjunction with another similar app, like Swiftmoji, which provides emojis. What better than GIFs and emojis to reach a single click? Try it, we are sure that it will not disappoint you.

Hitap | A Contacts keyboard

One of the functions of this keyboard that attracts the most users is that you can access the contacts from it, without any problem. First, you must allow these to be imported into the keyboard, then, you just have to write the name, and those that match will appear in a second. Besides, it not only brings you the typical copy and pastes function, but you can save the most used phrases in your clipboard, and copy individual words or sentences that are already copied. It comes with a lot of options for you to personalize it to your liking, apart from the general characteristics that all the keyboards bring. If you generally handle a lot of information, and you need to make it easily reach different contacts, this keyboard can fit like a glove. You just have to learn to use its functions and customize it in a way you can use it more comfortably. One of the best keyboards for Android, super functional for your day-to-day.

Grammarly | You have to write correctly (in English)

This is, without a doubt, one of the best keyboards for Android. Its features will help you write correctly in English, show you your grammatical errors, and correct them automatically. You can also customize it with some features, made for your convenience. It should be noted that when writing with any language except English, it will only predict words and make general corrections to your writing, as a normal keyboard would do.


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