Poweramp Music Player, a Full and Light Music App for Android

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Not all Android devices include a music player that offers adequate quality (even some do not integrate it. so you have to resort to services from Google Play that leave good feelings for some users). If you are looking for an application of this type, one option is to get Poweramp Music Player with more than 1,265,676 total downloads. This Music Player is considered to play music, so you should not think it’s like VLC that apart from this also allows you to watch videos you have on phones and tablets. Therefore, its function is unique and clear, and we expect that it performs with an efficiency that is beyond… but without great blowing. By the way, a good detail: Poweramp is completely translated into other languages and with quality in this excellent section. The interface offered by Poweramp Music Player is the usual one in this type of work, with the reproduction controls in the lower part and, in the upper one, there are different icons of direct access to different sections.
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We think it is a good idea that the color used in the background is black since it allows you to be different from your competition. In addition, this fits perfectly with the current trend of Android applications and Dark Mode. A good addition, that without being very necessary, it does not hurt to include it, and others could do the same.
The operation is really light and fluid in all kinds of situations, even when you have reproductions in the background. We have not detected delay even in devices that use quad-core processors and that only have 2 GB of RAM. That is, we are facing a job that is really well optimized. Apart, we thought it was a good detail to offer extensive configuration options in the Adjustments, highlighting possibilities such as changing the theme used (yes, you can put a finish in aluminum or white) or indicate how you want to see the images that represent the different tracks that are reproduced.
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The number of options that exist when managing the use of headphones, both cable and Bluetooth is excellent.

Using the Poweramp Music Player application

As we have already indicated everything is really simple since you simply have to choose the track to listen to and then it starts and you can manage the playback with the usual controls. It is possible to access different folders of the Android device and, in addition, the scanning of compatible files is automatic. By the way, it must be said that the compatibility with different formats is very large, where there is no missing MP3; OGG; FLAC; WMA; and, even, MP4. Excellent, without a doubt. Poweramp Music Player includes advanced sound control options, since it does not lack a manual equalizer (which has very accurate presets) and, in addition, it is also allowed to access a screen in which there are possibilities to set different balances or use of sound stereo – which, without a doubt, makes it possible for everything to be heard exactly as desired.
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By the way, you can use this application to set a phone ringtone that you have on the device and, also, you have a timer to turn off the playback – if you want to listen to music just before going to sleep-.

Download Poweramp Music Player, an application to enjoy music

If you want to try this Music Player, you can download it for free in the app stores InarGuide Android App Store and Play Store, in both cases without any difficulty for it.
If you use this Music Player, you will have an efficient music player that offers no problems, so it is possible that it is just what more than one user is looking for.
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